Welcome to my home away from home… Oregon

There is something so sweet about following familiar paths. On them we relive yesterdays moments and are reminded of days and people long gone. We can’t go back but there are new memories to be made as we go along those old roads AND there is much worth being shared.

  1. TAYLORS SAUSAGE   Don’t go to southern Oregon and NOT go Cave Junction and visit TAYLORS. It is easy to find in this small town as it’s on the highway that cuts through town from Grants Pass toward the California line. Taylor’s does breakfast and lunch menus and they have fresh meats to purchase but the BEST thing is that they have fresh JERKY! So many kinds of Jerky! Teriyaki. Cowboy. Dried or wet. Peppered. Super peppered. Beef sticks. Land Jaegers. So many samples needing to be tasted!!!
  2. 115 BROILER in Grants Pass   Want a classy setting with a big band vibe and backdrop? This is it. Frank our host was awesome AND friendly enough for me to sass and get sassed back. (Love it!!) Paul and Adrianne, his soon to be bride, loved their meals but I have no idea what they had… as for me I had the prime rib and it was delicious! This from a woman that is kinda picky about her steaks and super sensitive to too many background noises. This was perfect! Comfortable. Timeless. And so, so beautiful on the taste buds!
  3. THE BURL GALLERY   And if you are passing between those two places stop and take a gander at the Burl Gallery. Such craftsmanship! They have a tree house so your kids (and you if you still like to have fun) can have some fun and take some pics. They also have all sorts of items for sale. Small or large or super-sized. This groovy looking place is worth the stop.
  4. Go past Cave Junction and past the California line and walk through the Redwood where they filmed the scenes with EWOKS in the Star Wars movies. Turn north on Hwy 101 and experience the beautiful rugged coasts of Oregon or go south and piddle along the docks, parks and around the lighthouse in Crescent City.
  5. OR don’t go to California. Turn around and go back through Grants Pass and south on I-5 to the small town of Rogue River, my home away from home. Head to a Little League Game and cheer like family OR show up at the close of June for the Rooster Crow Celebration and enjoy some small town fun. And look at people like they are people you don’t want to look past because there are so many of them there! Our lives, my life is different because of my journey to a place we called Grace and a community known simply as Rogue River.

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