You have been given much worth celebrating. In your life there has been that which has entered and / or has crossed through that has brought you Joy… left you changed. Blessed.

And in like manner, and often in the same fashion and form, pain and struggles and sorrows have entered. And often those Seasons we wrestle dissatisfied with life.

To try to hold on to one without embracing the other is to deny the blessing and the riches that were meant to flow from both.

A child that has it all given to them is considered indulged and often shallow. The child who has grown up in a war zone lives as defeated as the other is exalted.

In a way both were abused because they will grow up unequipped for the journey and have to learn (hopefully) at a more mature age what is good and best and blessed.

Being able to accept all things as considered and allowed by the Father is a sign of maturity and faith. Embracing all life hands us, trusting Him… we find rest and that enables us to mount up with wings like eagles regardless of the season we are in.

Regardless of where you are standing or kneeling today can you raise your hands and Rejoice? Knowing He has you and is faithfully walking you home, are you content?

My life is an incredible journey because… He is.

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