Give Me Your Hand

There are so many beautiful people God has weaved into our lives. At one time or another however each was broken… including you, including me.

Maybe it was decades or years ago. Then again maybe it is happening to you today.

Poor choices made. Bad habits formed. Promises trampled. Homes torn.

Whether you were the one lying, or the one being lied to, the weight was much more than you were sure you could endure.

The urge to run, disappear, even die seemed to be the easier solution to the madness that stood within you and around you.

O how satan trembled with delight as he watched you struggle and fall, as you lost hope, as you turned away from the Light toward the problem you couldn’t deny.

Slowly but surely you had stepped away from Him and from them all. Yes you pulled back from anyway who wouldn’t buy your fake smile and story.

You turned from your loved ones… even your mother… even your child.

And broken you sat. Alone. Segregated.

Exhausted within and without, you quit fighting the dark, rolling tide that had been easing in upon you.

But while you can push all the others away there is One who has promised and He will ALWAYS stay. He never once has given up on your heart and even now He is standing with you in your dark.



“Give Me your hand, I will lead you thru

Past the twists and the turns that would reap havoc on you.

Follow my voice, let Me guide your feet thru

The darkness that threatens to overcome you.

Silence the noise, remember what is True,

What you see is distorted and your mind is confused.

Turn around now for danger is near,

There’s no light where your focused, but there is light and life here.

You don’t need the answers and to first clean yourself up,

Just turn back again to Me and run into My love.

Turn unto Me and run into My love. “

My friend, all around us are people. Broken people. Hurting people. Lost sheep.

Count your blessings if don’t need this message tonight but pray for othera. Especially for all the others who are adrift: the parents and children struggling thru someone’s addiction, the marriage that is getting crashed upon the rocks by life’s storms, the one going through sickness, death or distress etc.,

Oh the tide seeks to pull them under, or maybe it’s you it seeks but trust Him.

Reach your hand out to the One who walks on water. Who even now is speaking, “Give me your hand.”

One thought on “Give Me Your Hand

  1. Reading your post has been such a blessing. I’ve went through so much in my life. So much is as if your reading my mind.
    You being my cousin makes it even better. I haven’t seen you since you got married.
    Had no ideal your dad had passed.
    Mom (Bonnie Ruth Edward’s Smith) passed December 15, 2012 at the same time I was going through a horrible divorce.
    Would love to visit with you.
    Will keep you in my prayers.


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