Fears. Everybody has them.

The question is do we let them define us.

Do they hold us still when God has said, Believe and follow.

Do they make us falter and wait when His Spirit has said, Go.

Do we doubt when He has said, Pray, believing.

If my fears are my focus my faith is fettered. Captive held by belief. Unable to mount up with wings like eagles.

When we house fear, what we hear says God is asking too much OR He can not be trusted to provide, equip, sustain. It reveals we don’t trust His heart.

There are many things I cannot do but I serve a God that I trust more than this heart and these hands.

Jesus said in John 10, I lay down my life… no one takes it from Me… I have the power to lie it down.

You don’t think He had fears? He would kneel in the garden and pray for another way but regardless of the result His will was that God’s will would be done.

Is less asked of us? No. Jesus gave us a clear example of living out our life based on faith NOT fear.

Where did His confidence come from? Where will our confidence come from?

From ‘knowing’ that when God says a thing… ANYTHING He has the power to bring it to pass. Even with these vessels of flesh.

The things I am certain of from my past and looking forward… are the things the Spirit of the Living God has spoken and shared to my heart.

I don’t trust me… but tis so sweet to trust in Jesus, just to take Him at His Word. Just to rest upon His promise, Just to know this saith the Lord.



You choose.

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