Calling up… Clarences

The past 2 years God has led me on some incredible journeys across the paths of people from all over the world. Keshav – Asia. Angela, Chance and Shannon – Mississippi. Susan – Alabama. Caleb – Kentucky. Mary & Tom – Ireland. Sebastian & July – France. Patrice – Oregon. Ken – DC. Jon – California. Yalisha – Tennessee…

Strangers one moment who quickly felt like friends and whom feel like family in that I don’t forget them and find myself praying for them often.

Some souls I pass like ships in the night yet there are those meetings where I feel compelled to engage. Listen. Share. Pray. That I don’t forget.

What is man that He is mindful of us. We are broken, willful children… that He has, or has the desire to redeem.

Why does He merge paths? Because there are times we don’t just need the Word in our ear, we need to see it lived out before us.

How do I know? Because I have stood needing someone to rise up and not just speak or direct me but to be a visible, faithful witness and live and share it before me. And in many of those moments He moved someone’s path to merge with mine and fostered these encounters that impacted my life, my family’s life forever.

Momentary relationships… forged into forever friendships.

He can do it because He knows each heart and its needs.

The One who catches the tears of the mourning and broken seeks to sends in a heart with ears to hear and a Word of encouragement.

He feels the pain of the lonely, busy, overwhelmed and sends in a heart that will pray and remind them that He is at work still and that they are seen.

He watches over the prodigal and sends a heart, a Reminder with a Word saying, “Return to your Father’s house. Come home. “

He knows the lost hearts grown cold. Their need. Their struggle. And He looks for a heart to be His witness and deliver a message of love, sacrifice and hope so that they might hear, see and believe.

And while it is Christmas, and truly the season to celebrate the fact that it is a Wonderful Life, He isn’t seeking angels named Clarence to be His messenger.

He seeks and is seeking to use us, His children.

His Spirit shares heaven’s heart inviting us to join Him and be His feet, hands and voice.

In this season and all the year through there is a call to those who have ears to hear.

Draw near.

Heed the stirring of the Spirit.

Call yourself Clarence if you’d like but be His obedient child, His faithful ambassador.

This isn’t about a pair wings.

It’s a soul that He has intentionally placed before us.

It’s suppose to be part of our story.

Our paths, even if they are momentary encounters, are laid out for Kingdom God and ultimately for His glory.

Choose to be His messenger.

Rise and shine.

Clarence isn’t the one God would use today.

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