A Silent Night

As we prepare for Ireland and Mardi Gras Mission Trips next year our teams are being requested to taking on an assignment in preparation for our journey.

That assignment..

to make sure that in all the busyness and beauty of the season  we are intentional about bringing our hearts and minds into the stillness.

The shepherd’s were blessed in the stillness of a Silent Night. And God forbid we step out, especially into the chaos of Mardi Gras, without ensuring our hearts are attuned to His voice.

If we are honest we are a part of a culture who stays plugged in. From the alarm in the morning, the push of the day, things that didn’t get done yesterday, have to be done today and will need your attention tomorrow. We go and remained plugged in till we find sleep.

Being preoccupied is easy… it just happens.

Getting still… that is an event and sadly not a norm.

So if we would desire a fresh word from God, to be used, changed, see His hand, know His heart, if we want THAT to be our norm then maybe we could take a lesson from some shepherds.

Dozens of Christmas carols mention these unlikely witnesses who received a Messenger and message as that tended sheep one night.

Now there may have been several reasons they were the ones picked to hear the angel’s proclamation after all Jesus was referred to as the Good Shepherd.

That being said He was also referred to as the King of kings, Great Physician, High Priest, Teacher etc., the list goes on and on yet only the shepherds received a summons that night.

It doesn’t say these shepherds were holy or consecrated, powerful leaders, wise or more spiritually attuned.

Makes you wonder? Why them?

Makes me wonder why so many believers think the Spirit of God is only sharing divine insight with priests, prophets and pastors.

Other than being God’s people there are no words that imply they were more highly esteemed in person or office. In fact, shepherding was actually kinda viewed as a low level, blue collar job.

Yet priests, physicians and teachers were not summoned to the lowly manger. Shepherd’s who weren’t catching up on social media, watching all the Star Wars movies preparing for the new release, they were available and in place to believe, receive and move.

Ever since the fall in Genesis mankind has struggled with being still with the Lord. Those that understood it would abide in Him and find favor and live in it, not without trials but grasping grace and God’s hand while walking through them. Others wrestled.

Having experienced both, I opt for pursuing stillness but it is a struggle to do that daily… faithfully.

It was the same centuries ago even without cell phones and media their minds could lock up with work, wars, maintaining homes, friends, religious practices, family etc.,

Yet shepherds were not distracted. There job was to be still in the night, be watchful, vigilant in the quiet and because of that they were in a still place able to sense God’s presence and receive the message and Messenger.

Through this years close I would invite you to join us as we set the lights and gadgets aside and grab a jacket or blanket and go to our porch or patio to embrace the beauty of a quiet night for at least 10 minutes each night.

Conscious of His presence and that God still is speaking, thru the vastness before us to hearts and that the Spirit is heard most clearly when our hands and minds are still and watchful… seeking.

Enjoy the stars and winter chill. Go check on the horses, leisurely walk the dog, grab a spouse or your kiddo or grandkiddos (build a fire, make s’mores) sit and share a Holy Night knowing you are His and seen by Him.

If it’s too cold or rainy turn the media and lights off inside and snuggle down by a window seeking the same thing.

It doesn’t matter when or where just that we are reminded that as we are STILL we are more attuned to the fact that HE IS GOD Psalm 46:10.

When we DRAW NEAR TO HIM His promise is that He WILL DRAW NEAR TO YOU James 4:8

There are a lot of things that compete for our attention… but God won’t.

A silent night, a stilled and watchful heart are our sacrifice of praise, our worship. We give them or we don’t.

Out of all the gifts you give this Christmas, this gift has the power to change and equip you daily as you give yourself away in exchange for a Silent Night.

For a reminder why you need a silent night. https://youtu.be/OowjEFrSWfs

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