The Mary in my Christmas

If you had a child, just one child, and you couldn't be the one to hold it, nurture it, teach it, love it - whom would you entrust him/her to? Your hope, your baby, your legacy - left to another heart and set of hands. Who will cultivate the heart, mind and spirit of your … Continue reading The Mary in my Christmas

As the Spirit leads, ‘Wax on. Wax off.’

We all remember the movie, if you don't you are probably very young and you might want to pull it up for movie night - so you can step back to the 80's with us :o) If you have never seen it is your warning: SPOILER ALERT AHEAD! Daniel, a new kid in town is … Continue reading As the Spirit leads, ‘Wax on. Wax off.’

The Gypsy Wagon is almost done!

We are getting so close to being done! By we I mean you and I... 😊 Although you won't use my wagon to go camping you have been sharing my journey since I purchased the cargo trailer the beginning of this year. Currently all I like are a few minor details including my son-in-law putting … Continue reading The Gypsy Wagon is almost done!

Gypsy Wagon Update

    Well after 5 months of waiting... I finally have the cabinets and bed I sketched out long ago in my camper!! Thank you to Lee and the boys at Premier Cabinets in Searcy🎉 Johnny-on-the-spot they are some wonderful guys who said they would and got it asap! I dropped it off as I … Continue reading Gypsy Wagon Update

Marriage 101: No Shortcuts to ‘that’ kinda love

If you're looking for a perfect couple then you need to return to the old Disney Princess movies but please note they always end when they fall in love or when they get married. The problem with marriage is that it yokes two imperfect people who will slowly... but surely realize that the love of … Continue reading Marriage 101: No Shortcuts to ‘that’ kinda love

And he wanted to go to Hollywood…

I was listening to one of my husband's former messages last month and I came across one where he mentioned the desire to go to Hollywood and witness there. He said he couldn't think of a place or people that didn't need Jesus anymore or any less yet so often we spend all of our … Continue reading And he wanted to go to Hollywood…