My real journey through the snow

Last week my head said, "I'm gone!" My options. Go with it OR continue doing the very things that were pushing me into a hole. I went. I went online, found the anticipated snow storm pattern, found a cabin tucked away in the middle of nowhere and hit RESERVE, packed and then I was gone. … Continue reading My real journey through the snow

2019: Choosing Fruit

  Which is easier? To drive to the store and purchase those Sour Patch and Milky Way bars (okay those are my personal weaknesses) OR Go grab a banana or the grapes you purchased last week from the kitchen? How about if you had both snacks (healthy and unhealthy) in your kitchen which are you … Continue reading 2019: Choosing Fruit

Christmas…for One

The tree. The lights. The joyous carols that fill the air. The star that beckons from above the evergreen limbs. All of those remind me that THIS day Christmas isn't another 24 hours you can turn to and through on a calendar. This wondrous day we celebrate was birthed from God's heart... Is our greatest … Continue reading Christmas…for One

Christmas… for two

How do you know it's Christmas?   The Christmas hymns and carols FILL the air like the emails notifying us of LAST MINUTE DEALS.   Everybody is checking their list for the 3rd and 4th time... feeling wonderful UNLESS somebody tries to cut in line! No cuts without an invitation please.   The recipe books … Continue reading Christmas… for two