Post-Concussion Syndrome / Tramatic Brain Injury

In the upcoming months I will begin logging in pieces of a journey I have been on since 2009. Others bloggers have helped me especially early on when the doctors told me it was going to pass in weeks, months or for sure within the year and I that I should just man-up or medicate. Having walked this trail their blogs gave me insight to the pain and the problem; they helped me make peace with the changes and the isolation I now required in order to maintain social and cognitive engagements.

Traumatic head injuries are a struggle to understand and difficult to define. They are also almost impossible to explain as so often there is no physical evidence of a disability.

Let me encourage you. We are not lost… only changed. In spite of the pain and struggles we are blessed because we still have life. We have boundaries but we still have the opportunity and hope.

I pray we can help each other as we share our struggles in the process of seeking help and a new ‘normalcy’. Here is a place you can share your frustrations… and know that you are understood.

My name is Sherry and this a part of my journey.